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Mitsubishi Delica L400 2.8L turbo diesel – 4×4

Qui est Jumbo ?

Jumbo est notre van Mitsubishi Delica L400, 4×4 (Chamonix, 2.8 TD Diesel, série n ° 2, 1997) et avait 142 000 km lorsque nous l’avons acheté en juillet 2019. Jumbo a directement été importé du Japon vers Vancouver, au Canada, où nous l’avons acheté et où toute note histoire a commencé ! Voici l’histoire de Jumbo, y compris les modifications majeures que nous y avons apporté.

Pourquoi un Mitsubishi Delica ?

Et oui. Il y a plein de 4x4 disponibles sur le marché. Mais alors pourquoi avons-nous choisi un Mitsubishi Delica ?

Le Mitsubishi Delica est une excellente combinaison entre un véhicule 4 roues motrices extrêmement capable et une fourgonnette raisonnablement spacieuse. Nous l’aimons vraiment pour sa grande capacité à nous emmener n’importe où tout en conservant un très bon confort à l’intérieur. Nous n’avons pas besoin de faire de compromis pour les destinations où nous voulons aller et il nous enmène de partout ! C’était aussi une excellente base afin de construire ce que nous voulions et ce que nous avons maintenant.

Jumbo, notre Mitsubishi Delica, tel que nous l'avons eu le jour de note achat.

En avant les modifications !

Lorsque vous pensez que votre fourgonnette est prête à parcourir le monde, mais que vous vous rendez compte qu'elle s'est transformée en une histoire sans fin ...

Lorsque nous avons acheté Jumbo, nous pensions que nous serions prêts à prendre la route et à commencer notre voyage par voie terrestre après 3 semaines de préparation en août 2019. Nous étions assez naïfs quand nous regardons en arrière maintenant …

Oui, nous avons tout de suite appris la leçon. Au cours des semaines suivantes, nous sommes tombés en panne plusieurs fois (dont un remorquage!).

L’aménagement intérieur n’était pas idéal pour nous. les suspensions d’origine ne pouvaient plus supporter notre poids. Notre réservoir de carburant était trop petit pour assurer les longues distances etc. Conclusion ? Nous avons préféré mettre en pause notre voyage encore quelques mois pour préparer Jumbo correctement !



A snorkel was one of the “must-have” addition for our overlanding plans. It’s not only allowing us to cross rivers without shutting down the engine in the middle of it but in general it helps engine to breath and cool down while driving in the hot temperatures. We didn’t go for a “fancy”one. We bought our snorkel on Ali-Express for a few dollars and it works pretty well so far!

EGR Valve removed

Supression de la vanne EGR

Nous avons décidé de fermer la vanne EGR car elle fuyait de l’air et pour améliorer la consommation de diesel. La plupart des propriétaires de Delica recommandent de le retirer pour une meilleure efficacité du moteur.

Maxtow gauges


The Mitsubishi Delicas L300 & L400 are known to overheat. This is why initially we went for an exhaust temperature gauge and then finally decided to go for a full set of gauge as below:

Even if we fitted those gauges, we kept the stock gauges and relocated the sensors.


Traitement anti-rouille

CORROSEAL is the way to go! Our Delica is from 25 years old and will be taken through rivers, sand, mud and all the dirty conditions that causes … rust! So we’ve decided to apply a preventive body treatment against the corrosion. We’ve chose to apply some CORROSEAL everywhere on the chassis of the van after our mechanic’s recommendation. We have to say, the result is astonishing! It is a white product that kind of freeze the rust and turns the metal black. As a result, no more rust and it protects the metal against the rust for a couple of years!

Réservoir auxiliaire - 75L

The fuel tank originally coming with the Delica barely holds enough diesel to do 500kms with a full tank. After we met our mechanic, we’ve got the opportunity to get an auxiliary 75L spare tank which had been custom made for us, for just about $1000 CAD installed. It is an investment, but a good investment as now we have over 130L of fuel which correspond to approx. 1000kms+ without refilling the tanks.

Delica Garage lift kit


Better clearance and more weight-carrying capability. Another « must-go » for us. We went for a 2” lift kit from Delica Garage, Australia.

Jantes & Pneus

Awesome grip. We’ve hesistated a lot about which tires to choose but we can tell that after choosing the KO2’s, they’re very good on any kind of terrain! Definitely another « must-have » for us!

Mitsubishi Delica Bushings

Maintenance de routine


Batteries Moteur

The Mitsubishi Delica came with 2 batteries (winter pack). Before heading off on the road and knowing we would use them a lot, we decided to change them for 2 new ones from Edmond Batteries.

Motomaster 2x6V batteries

Batteries Auxiliaires

When overlanding, auxiliary batteries are very important. We initially chose 1x 12V battery but it wasn’t enough for our use so we decided to go with 2x Motomaster 230A 6V deep cycle batteries and they are awesome! They can hold up to 448min of electricity.

Battery Isolator

Isolateur de batteries

Charging the 4x batteries as we drive! The alternator is connected to the auxiliary batteries and recharges them as we drive. We’ve wired a cable all the way from the front batteries to the back batteries with a continuous duty solenoid “Cole Hersee” 85A+ isolator in the middle of the wiring. When driving, it charges at approx. 30A/hour which takes not much time to charge the batteries full.

solar panel 30A

Panneau Solaire
100W 30A NOMA

Having a solar panel to charge our auxiliary batteries makes a major difference for us, especially when not driving for a few days. This is why we went for this 100W mono-crystalline solar panel from NOMA and bought from Canadian TIre. On a good sunny day, it charges the batteries at approx. 5A which is good enough for us.

Système de fusible - RENOGY

Having a solar panel is a good thing. But protecting it against potential electrical surcharges is even better! We installed this fuse system from RENOGY on our solar panel setup and it works very well. 

Convertisseur 12V - 120V GIANDEL

Auxbeam Side & back LED light

More light when outside. These two LED Spots from Auxbeam bought on Amazon were a great add-on and allows us to light outside when we cook or just chill under the awning at night.

Maxxfan – 4000k

We went for a Maxxfan 4000k that comes with a remote. In the end, we could not have gone for this trip without it as it allows us to get some fresh air in when we’re in the hot countries.

As it has a double airflow system, it can extract the air out during the winter when using the diesel heater but also blow air in during the summer, to cool down the interior of the van. It also work when driving!

Auxbeam 22" 120W Curved LED Light Bar 5D

When driving during the night on the road or in the woods, it was very important to us to see any hazard. A light-bar was therefore a great addition to our 4WD setup. We bought this very nice bar light in Amazon, for just about $80 CAD.


Gallerie de Toit renforcée

We could not see ourselves travelling without roof rack. It allows us some extra space and to add some great add-ons to our van, as below. We’ve got this roof-rack from a friend who had a Delica and who was selling it for a very good price. We’ve had to make a few modifications because of the fan but we are very satisfied with the result!

Douche Solaire

We’ve built our own solar shower for just $100 CAD. Now fitted on the side of the van, it provides about 30L of water and most of the time, hot water. Perfect for a hot shower or to wash the dishes.

Mitsubishi Delica owning


Great extension of the living space and good protection against sun but also rain. We didn’t go “fancy”, we got our in Walmart (Yescom 8.2×8.2′ Car Side Awning) and it does the job so far!

Mitsubishi Delica front bumper

Pare-Buffle avant

Custom modified (base from Jeep Wrangler bumper purchased on e-bay) with a little welding touch and mount on the delica car body.   

Treuil Smittybilt 9500lbs

A Smittybilt 9500lbs, plenty to pull out our van if we were to be stuck in a ditch. Some people says that it’s not necessary, some says that it is. In our case we’ve preferred to play the safe card and got this winch.

Nb : we went for synth. Rope after a while for safety reason as offroad people says that steel rope can cause serious injuries so we’ve preferred to have a synth rope instead.

Pare-Choc arrière

Due to the auxiliary tank installation we had to come up with a new solution for a spare tire. We went for a swing arm wheel carrier system from coastaloffroad.com.


Chauffage Auxiliaire

Overlanding means traveling through all the different seasons. These diesel heaters brings a little more confort during cold days in the mountains or through winter times. We went for a 12V 2KW “cheap Chinese diesel heater” from Ali-express directly hooked on our auxiliary tank.


Rangement vêtements


Table Intérieur Pliante


Rangements Supplémentaires

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