Our Story

Some people could say that we’re two opposite extreme but we also think that’s what makes our relationship so unique. Eliska is Czech and from Prague. Mehdi is from France, from Lyon. They both met in Ireland after finishing their studies and starting our professional career there! 

Since they both met, they always wanted to discover the world, to be able to understand a bit more the world they were living in, while stepping out of their comfort zone.

The Realist


Eliska was born in Prague in the Czech Republic. She graduated with a degree in architecture and had been working in Prague and Dublin in the architecture & construction field ever since. She loves adventurous activities and travelling since her childhood. She was influenced by her parents, who used to take their children with other kids to explore the nature, wild camping, skiing, water-rafting and a lot more almost every weekend! Very driven, Eliska has always dreamed of discovering the world more, a dream finally coming true :).

The Dreamer


Mehdi was born in Lyon, France. He started to work young and graduated from college with a business degree. Mehdi is that kind of guy very laid-back and enjoys different kinds of discoveries. He is also very sociable – sometimes too sociable! One day with a tool box in his hands, another day with a cooking pan, Mehdi is very autodidact and able to fix anything! He loves cooking and tasting food from different cultures. He believes that everything is possible, as long as you want to make it possible! 


Our journey started more than three years ago when we were both in Ireland where we both met in 2015. We always dreamed to travel – Eliska being more ambitious about this as she is very adventurous – and is in 2016 that we got the crazy idea to travel the world. However at this time, we had no clue how we could achieve this crazy dream to travel around the world.

We were scared about failing this project and had a lot of people around us concerned about us leaving everything behind but we decided to prove to ourselves that it was actually not impossible and took the steps for it. Watching youtube videos, following people on Instagram who already done it, going to motivational conference from people who travelled through an entire continent backpacking etc.

About us & Our roles

Eliska is the creative one, super driven and always more pragmatic than Mehdi about things. As long as there’s some nice sun, she’s always happy!

Mehdi loves food, meeting people and discovering different cultures. He is always very positive and his attitude always helps us to escape from tricky situations.