Jumbo’s modifications


Engine Batteries

Engine Batteries

The Mitsubishi Delica came with 2 batteries (winter pack). Before heading off on the road and knowing we would use them a lot, we decided to change them for 2 new ones from Edmond Batteries.

Motomaster 2x6V batteries

Household Batteries

When overlanding, auxiliary batteries are very important. We initially chose 1x 12V battery but it wasn’t enough for our use so we decided to go with 2x Motomaster 230A 6V deep cycle batteries and they are awesome! They can hold up to 448min of electricity which is plenty for us.

Battery Isolator

Battery Isolator

Charging the 4x batteries as we drive! The alternator is connected to the auxiliary batteries and recharges them as we drive. We’ve wired a cable all the way from the front batteries to the back batteries with a continuous duty solenoid “Cole Hersee” 85A+ isolator in the middle of the wiring. When driving, it charges at approx. 30A/hour which takes not much time to charge the batteries full.

solar panel 30A

100W 30A NOMA Solar Panel

Having a solar panel system to charge our auxiliary batteries makes a huge difference for us, especially when we don’t drive for a few days. This is why we went for this 100W mono-crystalline solar panel from NOMA and bought from Canadian Tire. On a good sunny day, it charges the batteries at approx. 5A which works fine to keep the batteries at a good level.

Renogy 30A Fuse System

To have a solar panel is a good thing. But protecting it against potential electrical surcharges is very important. We installed this fuse system from RENOGY on our solar panel setup and it works very well.

2200A GIANDEL Pure Sine Wave inveter

2200 / 4400W GIANDEL Pure Sine Wave Inverter

We first went for a modified sine-wave inverter but realised very quickly that wasn’t fit for our needs. As we charge small appliances, modified sine-wave inverters can damage them in the long run. We got this inverter from GIANDEL and it’s certainly one of the best investment we’ve made so far.

Auxbeam Side & back LED light

Auxbeam Side & back LED light

We’ve placed two LED light pods, one at the back and one on the side. These awesome LED light spots from Auxbeam bought on Amazon were a great add-on and allows us to light outside when we cook or just chill under the awning at night.

Maxxfan – 4000k

Maxxfan – 7500k

We went for a Maxxfan 7500k that came with a remote. In the end, we could not have gone for this trip without it as it allows us to get some fresh air in when we’re in the hot countries but also extract the humidity on the rainy days.

As it has a double airflow system, it can extract the air out during the winter when using the diesel heater but also blow air in during the summer, to cool down the interior of the van. It also work when driving!

Auxbeam 22_ 120W Curved LED Light Bar 5D

Auxbeam 22" 120W Curved LED Light Bar 5D

When driving during the night on the road or in the woods, it was very important to us to see any hazard coming. A light-bar was therefore a great addition to our 4WD setup. We bought this very nice bar light in Amazon, for just about $80 CAD. The setup was very easy too, we’ve just hooked it up to the original fog lights harness.