Jumbo’s modifications



A snorkel was one of the “must-have” addition for our overlanding plans. It’s not only allowing us to cross rivers without shutting down the engine in the middle of it but in general it helps engine to breath and cool down while driving in the hot temperatures. We didn’t go for a “fancy”one. We bought our snorkel on Ali-Express for a few dollars and it works pretty well so far!

EGR Valve removed

EGR Removal

We’ve decided to blank the EGR valve because it was leaking air but also better on diesel consumption. Most of the Delica owners would recommend anyways to remove it for better engine efficiency.

Maxtow gauges

Engine Gauges

The Mitsubishi Delicas L300 & L400 are known to overheat. This is why initially we went for an exhaust temperature gauge and then finally decided to go for a full set of gauge as below:

Even if we fitted those gauges, we kept the stock gauges and relocated the sensors.


Anti-Rust Body Treatment

CORROSEAL is the way to go! Our Delica is from 25 years old and will be taken through rivers, sand, mud and all the dirty conditions that causes … rust! So we’ve decided to apply a preventive body treatment against the corrosion. We’ve chose to apply some CORROSEAL everywhere on the chassis of the van after our mechanic’s recommendation. We have to say, the result is astonishing! It is a white product that kind of freeze the rust and turns the metal black. As a result, no more rust and it protects the metal against the rust for a couple of years!

75L Auxiliary Fuel Tank

The fuel tank that comes originally with the Delica barely holds enough fuel to do 500kms with a full tank. After we met our mechanic, we’ve got the opportunity to get an auxiliary 75L spare tank which had been custom made for us from Aluminimum plates, for just about $1000 CAD installed. It was an investment, but a good investment as now we have over 130L of fuel which correspond to approx. 1000kms+ without refilling both tanks.

Delica Garage lift kit

Lift Kit

Better clearance and more weight-carrying capability. Another “must-go” for us. We went for a 2” lift kit from Delica Garage, Australia.

Wheels & Tires

Awesome grip. We’ve hesistated a lot about which tires to choose but we can tell that after choosing the KO2’s, they’re very good on any kind of terrain (except the mud sometimes)! Definitely another “must-have” for us!

Mitsubishi Delica Bushings

Maintenance Routine