Jumbo’s modifications


Auxiliary Diesel Heater

Overlanding means traveling through all the different seasons. These diesel heaters brings a little more confort during cold days in the mountains or through winter times. We went for a 12V 2KW “cheap Chinese diesel heater” from Ali-express directly hooked on our auxiliary tank.

Mitsubishi Delica Kitchen


Good and functional kitchen is an absolute essential when you live in your van. You should be able to cook anywhere within a few seconds. If not, something is wrong and it will bother you every day. We did our kitchen set up 2x! For the second time, we finally got it rigth!

Our kitchen has: pantry drawer, breakfast bar, “cooking stuff” drawer, utensils drawer, sliding out stove with additional worktop, drinking water tank, utility water tank.

Mitsubishi Delica Bed


Same thing as a kitchen. If you are not able to set up your bed in a few second, it will bother you every night! Our bed can easily be transferred into sliding working desk / dining table and still accommodate one sleeping person at the same time. During night it is full size bed supported by additional foldable pair of legs.

Mitsubishi Delica Clothes Storage

Clothing storage

Easy access to our clothes is essential. Being able to grab a jacket when ever the sun goes down shouldn’t be a big hassle. We store our clothes in the bench behind our seats. TIP: If you are 2 people sharing this space, don’t forget to do a separations between each other clothes. You will avoid a lot of arguments 🙂

Mitsubishi Delica Clothes Cabinets


We created additional storage space under the bed. To save space and a lot of hassle, we went for simple sliding door. The inner space is then divided by shelf into four compartments storing our shoes, electronics, first aid kit and dry food. 

Mitsubishi Delica Table

Interior foldable table

Having a working top / dining table in the car is essential to us. Some days we just need to work from inside the van. Our table slides out on the rails and with two foldable legs turns into our bed during the night! There is also a combination where one of us can still use a table and the other one use the bed for a nap :).

Mitsubishi Delica Flooring


Keep it clean and dry! Easy to say, hard to do with the original thick carpet. We laid extra heavy-duty vinyl layer on the top. Easy to clean. Just brush it out or mop it with the dishes water!