How to build a 30L off road solar shower for less than 100$.

Don't want to give up on your hot shower while traveling? Here are some useful tips how to build one in couple of hours and less than 100CAD$!

Shower, shower, shower. This was the most recurring word coming back to our discussions when planning our trip. Most of the people wonders how they would be taking a shower if they would be on the road like us. 

We finally found the solution to live off the grid and not compromise on the “luxury” to have a shower. More importantly, have a hot shower. And it works! Fortunately, thanks to the sun, after being exposed for a couple of hours, we finally get hot water.

The system can actually hold up to 30L which is absolutely enough for 2 people. There is no need to have a pressurisation system even if we built it.

In the below video, find out how you can build yourself too, a solar shower for just less than 100$. It definitely worth the investment especially if you are planning to go on an off-road trip or just live “off the grid” for a couple of days!

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