THAT DAY when we decided to travel the World!

Where the idea of travelling the World came from? What is all behind it? Trust me, this decision is not taken over night! It takes time and this is what lead us to make this decision!

It may sounds crazy to a lot of people around you when you say “I am quitting my job and going to travel the World”. Even though if this recently became kind of modern trend and “must-do-thing” before you settle down in your life! So we are not an exception 🙂 

Our Story.

Our very first thought to travel the World came to our minds on a trip to Scotland back in February 2016. Just few months after we meet each other and our first holidays together. We both already traveled a lot in the past. Mehdi spent year in Australia and and traveled South Asia from there. Eliska is well travelled in Asia and Middle East from her college years and both of us found Europe already too discovered at that stage. It was time to start dreaming about something bigger…

We just didn’t feel we are “adventurous enough” to imagine such a trip around the world by that time. Eliska was just graduated form an architecture college in Prague and ready to get her first job. Mehdi was already working since couple of years and was at the successful point of his career climbing corporate leather in one of the top world tech company. Yep, not an ideal combination for either of us!

What was the ORIGINAL idea?

Why not! People do silly things all the time in their life 🙂 No, it would be too easy to say it this way. There was definitely more behind. The main and original reason was to simply challenge our relationship and see if is it going to work between us. I mean there is definitely big enough chance you will stay with this person for the rest of your life after such a challenging trip!

What people thought about us?

Back then, who ever we mention our “crazy” plan, no one took us really seriously. Why? Later on we realised it was actually us who never took ourselves seriously. So why other people should?
Once we started to be aware of this fact immediately it motivated us to make this travel the World dream come true and proof to all of these people we are going to make it!  We didn’t have any plan nor a time frame in our minds or a simple clue from where to start.

How to SAVE MONEY for the World trip?

The best thing we’ve done was to decide and to draw a saving plan to save enough for this trip. We started to save around €1,000 per month each to reach a target of €40,000 by the beginning of our journey. It was  more than tough! Before we were living typical western European lifestyle. Going out with friends every Friday and Saturday. Eating out few times a week when we simply just didn’t want to cook. Shopping with friends when being bored at home of buying all of these good-for-nothing things to your home. It definitely took us time to transfer our minds into this “saving mode”

As we were getting closer to our departure date we realised we won’t be able to save what we were expecting. Non-refundable flights were booked and everyone knew we have the date of departure. You don’t want to become an absolute fool and postpone your trip for another time. So this is what we did.

We setup our own online business that would help us to keep going and earning money during our travels. We had less than 6 months to our one way flight to Canada. It was just enough time to set up our own online business and learn completely new skills and transfer our career paths into online world to keep us going while traveling. It was tough! But it wasn’t impossible. If we could do it anyone else can do it!  

Get the INSPIRATION you need.

We started to watch tons of videos on YouTube on weekends, reading articles on travelling blogs and I mean, there is tons of information out there! The first and very epic movie for us was “Expedition Happiness” (available on Netflix). This movie started to educate our mind even more about the idea of traveling the world. Afterward we started to watch more and more movies on this topic.

We would highly recommend you to watch the following movies if you are seeking for travel inspiration 🙂

It is actually thanks to watching those movies that we’ve got the inspiration and the motivation to continue on planning this trip.  

Blogs are great source of factual information! Here are a couple of them we started to follow and where we found some very useful travel tips:

Overtime our project became clearer and clearer. When we actually look back now, at the end, it does makes sense. No matter what you want to achieve, you just need to find the steps to follow in order to make it happen, isn’t it right?

Looking to get started as well?

So, if you are sitting right now where we were a couple of months ago, don’t hesitate to drop us a message! No matter if you are planning on going for a short or long trip, we would be very happy to advise you on where to start!

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